will give you the support and guidance you need to build a dream business that brings your magic to the forefront and turns your talent into money.

What do I need in order to attend the 2020 Virtual Gather & Soar Summit?
Since this is virtual event, we recommend you prepare your tech in advanced.  A working computer, high-speed internet access and a quiet space that allows you to focus on the education you invested in are a must!  A headset is a plus!  And if you want to go all out, we highly recommend a professional microphone, some photo lighting and a custom backdrop from our sponsor @ittybitsdesigns, especially for the networking session the first day of the conference.

How long are the three days of Summit?
Day one is a shorter day!  You can expect to begin at noon and we should be wrapped up by 6pm.  Day two and three are a little longer.  We begin sessions promptly starting 9am and will finish on or before 8pm.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations so we want to make sure your investment in your education goes a long way.  This means we will pack the days with as much beneficial information as time permits.

Do I need to worry about what to wear?
Wherever you decide to access the Virtual Gather & Soar Summit from will impact your wardrobe!  Of course if you are home, you can get away with PJ’s from the waist down, and business casual top and no one will know!  You will be an active participant in the networking sessions the first day, and at the end of each day in during the Speaker Mastermind Sessions, so we suggest you take into consideration dressing to your brand.  Otherwise, these are long education days so make sure you are comfortable!

What can I do in advanced to prepare for the Virtual Summit?
Each attendee will get a three-minute feature during our networking session on day one.  This is a crucial moment to prepare for, as you never know if your next big client, business partner or industry bff is in the audience.  We recommend that you practice and time your short presentation ahead of time to make sure it is ON POINT!  Need a little help, access our quick guideline on how to nail your elevator pitch using this LINK.

When will I get my access information?
The second week of October you will receive an email with all the information you need to gain access to the 2020 Virtual Gather & Soar Summit.  Remember, your access code is unique.  We want you to share the news about the Summit with your friends, but the code is yours and yours only.  Know that if you share it with someone and they log in before you, the system will automatically deny you access to the sessions.

What happens if I get a little busy and I have to miss certain sessions?
The best part of your investment in the virtual summit is that it includes access to all the sessions for THIRTY DAYS following the virtual event!  That’s right! An additional 30 days to go back and review the sessions to squeeze maximum benefit, at your leisure. It just doesn’t get better than that!

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